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When To Call The Police If You Are Involved In An Accident

Never hesitate to contact the police following an accident.

Our advice is always to call the police when you’ve been involved in an accident, no matter what the circumstances.  North Carolina law requires you to report an accident to the police  if it results in death, injuries or if damage to the vehicles exceeds $1,000.  Failure to report an accident in one of these situations can result in your license being suspended.  Even if the other driver offers to pay for your damages and asks you not to report the accident, the law requires you to report the accident if it meets one of the above mentioned circumstances.

As we stated above though, we suggest you contact the police no matter what the circumstances as they will generate an official report of the situation that can later help you down the road if there is ever a dispute as to how the accident happened.  In addition, you sometimes will not know right away if you are injured (see our article on Expect Delays).  Also, it is impossible to know the exact amount of property damage sustained just by looking at the vehicles.  Always be safer than sorrier and have a police officer come to the scene so an official report can be created and filed.

See our page on tips on what to do following an accident for more information or feel free to call us for FREE advice at 919-847-4804 or 877-847-4804.