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Jennifer Seate

Originally raised in Virginia, Jennifer moved to North Carolina in 1989 to start her college career at Campbell University. Before starting college, Jennifer spent a year in Spain as an exchange student, which drastically changed her view on the world. She came back more independent and more determined. She put herself through undergrad and law school. After law school, she went to work for Allstate Insurance Company as a bodily injury adjuster. Working for an insurance company, gave Jennifer a wealth of knowledge on how the insurance company really works. Then in 2001, Jennifer went to work for the injured plaintiff instead of the insurance company. She has found it rewarding and feels she is really helping individuals now. Jennifer is married to a United Methodist Minister, Adam Seate. They live in Goldsboro with their two children, Jacob and Aaron. They also have a two dogs, Oscar and Runner and two cats, Tiger and Lilly.  Her two boys play lots of soccer so she currently spends lots of time at the soccer fields. See Jennifer’s professional information.

Q:  Have long have you been practicing law?
A:  Since 1996. Beth and I started LN&S together in 2006.

Q:  Why did you decide to become a lawyer?
A:  I originally wanted to be a spy until I found out that I would have to be away from my family!  Once I was in law school, I recognized I wanted to help the little guy as a criminal defense attorney.  I firmly believe that our judicial system is not perfect but it IS one of the best.  Then I got out of law school and a job was a job. I went to work for Allstate Insurance Company as an adjuster. Through my experience there I saw firsthand how injuries impact peoples lives. Thus, I opted to work as a plaintiff’s attorney and I love it.  It’s rewarding when I’m able to recover something for a client where the odds were completely stacked against him or her.

Q:  How important is it to have a team environment to support you at the firm?
A:  Teamwork is the foundation of our firm.  It starts with the person who answers the phones and does the filing to the attorney who litigates the case in front of a jury.  No job is less important than another as they are building blocks to the final outcome.

Q:  What are the most important values you believe are necessary for the firm?
A:  To be caring and compassionate are key because if you are these things, I think you will take the time and effort to create a good work product. It’s also important to be honest with our clients—to tell our clients the way it is; they hired us for legal advice and sometimes caring for them is telling the truth now so they can make an informed decision. I am told I’m very candid and frank and I believe it’s a wonderful attribute for an attorney.

Q:  What life experiences have helped you become a better lawyer?
A:  I went to Spain as an exchange student after I graduated high school; it was probably the scariest and most exhilarating thing I have done.  The experience helped me to have more compassion for those that are not native to our country.  It also helped me understand the world is a big place and everything is not just about me and my small corner of the world.

Q:  Describe your family.
A:  Adam Seate and I have been married for more than 20 years.  We have two children, Jacob and Aaron, who both love to play soccer and running.  Both children and my husband competed in the Raleigh Rock and Roll Half Marathon in 2014.  Jacob placed second for his age group.

We have two dogs, Runner, a golden retriever, and Oscar, a lab mutt, and enjoy taking them for walks (when it’s not too hot).  We also have two cats, Tiger and Lilly. We enjoy swimming during the warmer months and getting together with extended family.

Q:  What are your major practice areas?
A:  Auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and other personal injury claims.  My background as an adjuster gives me a solid understanding of the insurance industry. I also get a lot of satisfaction when we are able to finalize a case for a client to everyone’s desire.

Q:  Favorite Movie or TV show, why?
A:  James Bond movies, of course. I told you I wanted to be a spy! The Walking Dead is now my favorite TV show.

Q:  Any other personal stuff?
A:  I like to cook and would love to take a culinary course. I like to bowl, play soccer or volleyball and would love to join a league.  I’m a very competitive individual so to play for fun is great, but to play to win is the best.

Q:  What would you like your legacy to be?
That I was a caring individual and was willing to help anyone in their time of need.