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How Insurance Works

The law of negligence applies to those victims who are injured in a motor vehicle accident. In North Carolina, every driver has a duty to exercise “reasonable care under the circumstances”. Someone who has failed to exercise reasonable care is “negligent”. When a negligent driver causes an automobile accident, which in turn causes an injury to someone, that negligent driver’s insurance company should step in to pay the injured victim’s damages. Now, it’s not just as easy as saying, “Hey, that person was at fault and I’m injured”. You must be able to offer solid evidence of the negligence and of the corresponding injuries.

When you are involved in an accident, what are we are really talking about?

We are talking about an insurance claim, because a negligent driver must carry insurance to cover the damages he or she causes. There are many types of insurance that could be applicable to your claim and it can be confusing trying to figure it all out. The following links provide detailed information to help you understand how insurance works:

Liability Insurance
Uninsured/ Underinsured Insurance
Medpay Benefits
Health Insurance
How Insurance Rates Are Determined

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