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Why Are Unbiased Witnesses Important in an Automobile Accident?

As I was coming to work today, I saw someone pull out in front of another person about 100 yards ahead of me.  I hit my brakes and took that gasp, thinking the collision would occur.  Fortunately, it did not.  But I must say I had two thoughts, one was I might end up in this collision depending on how the cars maneuver after impact, and then secondly I’m going to be late to work.  I  knew I’d be late getting to work becuase I would stop and check on the individuals and then wait for the officer so I could give my statement about what happened.

I know we all get busy with life, but it is important to remember if you witness an auto accident, stop, help as you can and impart to the officer any knowledge you have.  After an accident, those involved are frought with despair.  They have damaged vehicles to be repaired / replaced or they are injured and wondering how to get treatment or have their medical bills covered.  Insurance companies investigate every accident, and an unbiased witness who saw the auto collision unfold helps the insurance companies make a decision, so each person knows how they have to proceed or not proceed.

If you are involved in an auto accident, and there are any witnesses, do not assume they will stay to talk with the officer.  Be sure to obtain the witnesses’ names, addressess and phone numbers so the officer may contact them later, and you and the other party may be able to contact them later.  The witness statement is a crucial peice of information if the parties involved in the accident have different views of what happened.

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