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Recorded Statements to Insurance Adjusters

If you have been in a car accident in North Carolina, chances are you will get a call from an insurance adjuster within a day or two asking you to give a “recorded” statement.  They will tell you that you need to give this statement before they can process your claim.  You may feel pressured to give the statement thinking that nothing will happen on your case until you do so.  We want you to know that this simply is not true.

Yes, the insurance adjuster has a duty to investigate the accident and cannot accept liability on your case until that is done.  But an investigation does not mean that they have to have a recorded statement from you.  In fact, an adjuster cannot deny your claim merely on the basis that you refuse to give a recorded statement.

We do not allow our clients to give recorded statements to insurance adjusters for the liability insurance company.  This can be for a variety of reasons but mainly we find that when our clients are hurt and in pain, they run the risk of saying something that can later be construed negatively against them.  The rules are a bit different for our client’s own insurance company as our clients do have a duty to submit to a statement to their own company.  However, we always make sure we are present with our client so that they can be protected at all times in case the insurance adjuster gets out of line with any questioning.

We have some great information on some circumstances when we will allow our client to talk to the liability insurance company which you can read.  If you are in doubt, always feel free to contact us for free advice regarding your car accident claim.

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