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Hurricane Season Is Upon Us… And I Don’t Mean Hockey!

Hurricane season has started and it is supposed to be a doozy.  CNN reported that the average number of storms per year is 11 but they are expecting 12-18 this year.  CNN also stated there has not been a major hurricane strike in the United States since 2005 and we have never been 6 years without a major strike before.  So that’s bad news.  The good news is we have compiled these list of safety tips.  If you’ve lived in the south as long as I have you probably know these by heart.   However, it is always good to brush up on these things.

  • As soon as a hurricane watch or warning is issued, leave low lying areas.
  • Board up outside windows and secure outside objects.
  • Ensure you have food, water and fuel to last several days.
  • Have tools, supplies, batteries, first aid kit and a radio available.
  • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged.
  • Do not ignore an evacuation notice!
  • If you have not evacuated, stay in a secure, interior room of your house and away from windows.
  • Monitor weather service on your radio.
  • Do not venture outside when the eye (which brings some calmness) is over your area.

Following a hurricane, do not go outside until you are sure the storm has passed entirely.  Don’t get fooled by the calm of an eye.  Stay away from downed power lines and particularly do not drive over the power lines.  You can be electrocuted in your car.

We hope everyone remains safe during this hurricane season.  Visit our blogs for other stories on various safety tips.

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