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When Your Dog Has Cancer

Buckeye sleeping in the car on way home from the vet

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged under Attitudes in Living so I thought I better get back to it.  This past week I was on vacation in the Outer Banks with my husband, my mom and step-dad, and Shawn’s parents.  Yes, we are one big happy family!!!  Unfortunately while we were away, my Golden Retriever, Buckeye got sick and we had to return early.  You see, Buckeye has cancer (chronic leukemia) and he is on chemotherapy which I believe that, coupled with him being stressed out that we left him, got his tummy all messed up.  Luckily, we have a wonderful dog sitter who stays with the Golden Gang when we go out of town and she took him to his oncologist and they got him all straightened out.  Still, we felt it better to come home so we could give him extra lovin’ too!!!

Buckeye is not my first dog to have cancer.  I went through bone cancer with my Great Dane, Savannah.  Different cancer, of course, but they had one thing in common… and that was the veterinary care that they got.  I am fortunate enough to live in an area where we have excellent veterinary services.  NC State Veterinary School is just down the road, but my choice for specialty care is the Veterinary Specialty Hospital.  They have a hospital in Cary but I use the new one in North Raleigh just off Capital Boulevard.  It is a wonderful resource to have.  All of their vets have specialty training (ie, oncology, orthopedics, etc) and they are on the cutting edge with technology.  They have seen my dogs through hip dysplasia, cancer, shoulder sprains and emergency surgery.  They have literally saved my dog’s life on one occasion, and escorted another to Rainbow Bridge when she was too sick to go on.  And not only are they at the top of their specialty games, they are beyond compassionate and caring.

I hate that Buckeye has cancer but I am so fortunate to have Veterinary Specialty Hospital available to me.  If you have a pet that needs specialty care and you live in the Triangle, give them a try.

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