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Being A Lawyer Is About Building Relationships

Being a lawyer is about building relationships.  I had represented a lady about 11 years ago.  I got to know her and her husband throughout the course of the case.  I watched them go through the international adoption process and met their new daughter when they brought her home from China.  But then I settled her case, and we parted ways, and frankly, I had forgotten about her.  We both moved on.  However, last week she called me.  She wanted to let  me know that her husband had unexpectedly died and she wanted to talk about a potential case against the hospital.  Unfortunately, I don’t personally do medical malpractice anymore and I referred her to another attorney.  However,  all those years that went by that we had not spoken seemed to have melted away and I took pleasure in just being able to talk to her, empathize with the loss of her husband and getting caught up on her life.  Her little baby I had met all those years ago was now 10 years old and a little soccer star.  I hated that I could not help her in her quest for answers about her husband, but I hope that I was able to provide her some comfort by taking the time to catch up with her.

Being a lawyer is about building relationships.  Clearly, we had a relationship all those years ago that may have fizzled a little, but when she needed help, I was her first thought to call.  That made me feel good and affirmed to me that the time I take to get to know my clients actually means something in the grand scheme of things.

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