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Winning! How Good It Feels!

My favorite funny moment in a movie occurs during “A League of Their Own”.  Remember, this is the one that Tom Hanks plays a drunk, washed up pro baseball player forced to coach *ack* a Woman’s Professional Baseball Team.  He would rather be covered in fire ants and dipped in Boric acid, but eventually he sees these women as real competitors and then before you know it, he is their biggest supporter.  So there comes a time, right before a tournament game, that little Stillwell Angel tries to antagonize Tom Hanks’ character….

Okay, still laughing now after just watching that clip for like the 1000th time.

It made me think of our jobs here at Leone Noble & Seate.  We are told so often by insurance companies the same thing…”You’re gonna lose, you stink”.  And you know what, sometimes we do lose… but many more times we win and it feels so good to say, “Ha!  Got ’em!!!!”  That’s when you know justice has been served.

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