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Tips on Torts February 10, 2011


Build Trust With the Jury

  •  Be open and honest with the jury, and they will be open and honest with you.  Carry on a dialog with the jurors.  If you have something in common with a juror, share that with them and form a bond.
  • If something smells really bad, air it out!  If there is something that is harmful to your case that is going to come out in evidence, discuss it with the jury.  Let the jury know that you are not hiding anything.  It is always better to have the jury discuss it during voir dire than during deliberations.


Liability insurance follows the vehicle.  However, in order to determine liability coverage, we still have to look at more than the vehicle.  You have to look at whether the auto is covered, whether the person is covered and whether the act is covered.

Residency Proof.  Things you look for to help determine residency are: where does one get his/her mail, what is his/her address for voter registration; what address is on his/her driver’s license; where are his/her clothes kept, etc.

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