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So You Wanna Know about Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a remedy that was created by the Legislature in order to provide compensation for those who were injured on the job. Prior to the enactment of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, the injured worker had to prove that the employer was negligent and that due to the employer’s negligence, the injured worker was injured. The North Carolina Workers’ Act offers benefits to entitled injured workers through the form of medical treatment, lost wages, and payment for permanent disability. The North Carolina Industrial Commission is the state agency that governs and makes decisions on claims that arise under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

In order to be entitled to compensation under the Worker’s Compensation Act, you must have been injured by an accident that arose out of and in the course of your employment. While that requirement for entitlement seems simple enough, there are certain nuances involved. If you think that you have been injured at work, you should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney to determine whether your injury is compensable under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

What to do if you’re injured on the job?

If you are injured on the job the very first step is to notify your supervisor. Make sure that an accident report is filed with the appropriate personnel of your employer. Even if your injuries are not serious you must still report your injuries as they become more problematic at a later date and failing to report them may hinder your claim. In addition if you need medical treatment then request it when you file your report with you employer.

Being injured on the job can be a source of physical and emotional stress on the injured person. Not only does the injured person have to face the challenge of recovering from a potentially lengthy injury, he or she must also face questions of who will pay their medical expenses and lost income if they are unable to return to work. These are daunting tasks, especially if the injured party’s employer is uncooperative. The last thing the injured party or their family should have to do is deal with complex workers’ compensation laws. If you are unsure whether you have a workers’ compensation case, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to receive a preliminary review of your circumstances.

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