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Very early in any attorney’s legal career (let’s say, oh, about 30 seconds after announcing one’s intention to go to law school), friends, family, coworkers, long-lost relatives, hobos and anybody that can speak, write or otherwise communicate will seek to extract nuggets of legal advice and tips. These individuals the young attorney or attorney-to-be comes in contact with may or may not even been in the same jurisdiction (each State has its own laws). It’s true that in law school we learn the basics (sometimes more) of just about every area of law out there. It is also true that the Bar exam tests of a wide variety of legal topics. However, not every lawyer out there can answer every legal question that arises.

While there are many, many lawyers out there classified as “general practitioners,” and while anybody with a law degree could conceivably research and represent you for your particular problem, it is important and often wise to choose an attorney that focuses or even specializes in the particular field. It’s kind of like with doctors: you wouldn’t go see a podiatrist if you needed brain surgery performed. You may think you are asking me, a personal injury trial lawyer, “I want to leave this piece of land in my family when I die and provide for my great grandchildren as well. But, I Googled some stuff and heard about the Rules Against Perpetuities and wonder if you can tell me more about that and if it applies here?” In reality, what you are really asking me is, “Can you please refer me to an attorney that knows about this particular estate law issue since you haven’t even thought about the Rule Against Perpetuities in several years?” I’ll be happy to oblige your request.

When you are presented with some sort of legal issue, and we all are from time to time, make sure you find an attorney that can diligently, competently, and zealously represent you for the matter. It’s also important that you find an attorney with the experience necessary to help you navigate the nuances of your particular case to ensure the best possible result for you.

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