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Dear Faithful Reader (a.k.a. “Mom”):

When the firm started blogging two weeks ago I thought it would be easy. I write as a hobby and for the first week or so I banged out blog entry after blog entry on my keyboard with ease. Now, not so much. You may notice that this post is being published very late in the day after business hours. That means I’ve been struck with a case of writers’ block. That also means that I work too much (just joking, boss).

I’m also struggling a bit with which direction to take this blog. There are a lot of law-related blogs out there in cyberspace. Some comment on hot topic legal issues like gay marriage and tort reform. Some educate the reader about what to do in certain situations or what certain laws mean. Others tie into pop culture and discuss the real world legal ramifications that arise. Others push a certain group’s political agenda. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

A writer is nothing without their reader. If nobody reads what you write beside yourself, then what you’re actually doing is just talking to yourself. And that probably makes you a little off. So, I’m opening up the blog to you, faithful reader(s).

Tell me what you want to read about. All comments and suggestions are gladly accepted, whether you’re a daily reader, a frequent reader, or somebody who just accidentally clicked the wrong link in Google. As always, the post is free and the response is free. Go ahead, click that “comment” link. Please comply forthwith.


Mike, Esq.

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  • Michelle Joyce March 9, 2010, 12:37 pm

    Mike — write about anything and everything. Write about you, your family, your career, your mood, your experiences, lessons learned, funny stories, touching moments. Your words should engage readers (regardless of content) and keep them coming back. That's the power of Social Media — to create awareness on various levels. Look for local news headlines for topics and inspirations. Turn your "lunch experience at a local restaurant" into a customer service advice lesson for others. It doesn't always have to be about law. Don't overthink it.

  • Anonymous March 9, 2010, 1:01 pm

    I have been enlightened by your blogs, so you need to get over the writer's block and keep up the good work.

    There are a couple of legal issues I believe your firm specializes in that I have an interest. Here are three I'd love to read more about in your blog.

    It is time for my family to transition from a concern for the the guardianship and financial support of my underage children to full inheritance. They are aging into their 20's and I need to start working on changing how things will be handled in case of my death. The current will and insurance trust I have in effect has my siblings caring for me and my kids. Now, I need to 'set that aside' and put my kids in charge. What are your thoughts on this in general, not my situation specifically.

    Another issue is regarding speeding tickets. No, I didn't get one, but someone close to me did. And, this happened at a Holiday time when the law enforcement community was being very concerned about safety, so they did not 'help' what-so-ever to reduce the speed posted on the ticket to keep it from the horrible effects of points and insurance. (Yes, the speeder was guilty.) The laws about speeding are very clear, but I just learned that there are things an attorney can do to help an individual with a 'speedy' ticket situation.

    Lastly, I have another friend who is interviewing divorce lawyers. She and her husband have few assets (home, cars, cash, household belongings); their children are grown adults. The divorcing couple have agreed with each other to sell the house and split the proceeds 50/50. The lawyers this friend has interviewed are very expensive and require a HUGE up front deposit. I suppose I understand this for cases that need lots of negotiations and asset discovery. Any thoughts on divorce?

    Enjoy the blog!

  • Anonymous March 9, 2010, 1:05 pm

    From my experience as a writer/editor I have a few suggestions. Not so much about the topics, but about how to maybe take some pressure off. First, try to pace yourself. You clearly have a lot to talk about, yet consider giving yourself a steady rhythm for posting to your blog, say, every week on Monday AM or every two weeks on Friday. That way, readers can look forward to your new article and you can "advertise:" "Mike's Monday blog, fresh from the presses!" Regular postings are better than posting a lot in one week and then running out of steam for 3 weeks, and it gives folks something to look forward to. Along those lines, take notes of interesting ideas that you come across during your daily routine and research, and even write them up, but instead of posting right away create a little archive that you can fall back on if you ever don't feel like writing. Another idea is to create a "calendar" of sorts in which you can identify stories that are relevant at certain times of the year. Not sure in your case, but probably there are more of a certain type of cases at certain times of the year, or maybe there are other ways to use the calendar to your advantage in deciding on topics to write about. I hope that helps a little! :o)

    (Andrea, neighbor and reader!)

  • Kathy Horn March 9, 2010, 5:15 pm

    I'm in Charlotte and it seems like we are hearing a lot more about pedestrians being hit by cars. With the weather getting nicer, maybe do a column on safety tips for walkers and bikers AND remind drivers of their responsibilities?

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